Naturally Nordic is spearheaded by Sandra Marslund, a qualified translator and copywriter with 12 years’ experience in the field. Sandra was brought up bilingually since birth. She speaks five languages and has lived, worked and studied in 5 different European countries, including the Nordics. She has also spent many years working for both the British press and advertising agencies in London. Sandra works with a team of UK-based translators, copywriters and graphic designers with similar multicultural backgrounds and a shared appreciation of the finer details of the  English language.

Why work with us?

Many people can speak another language, but translation requires specialist skills. The same applies to writing good marketing copy and texts used in corporate communications. Our team is qualified and experienced in both these areas, and we work creatively with our clients to ensure their message is communicated with the right impact to their target market. We can also advise on the best ways to reach a particular target audience within a particular industry field, how to avoid common mistakes when writing copy to sell to UK and American markets, and how to prepare your marketing message for translation into several languages.

If you have spent time, effort and money on producing fancy marketing materials, don’t throw it all away in the words. Contact us to discuss how we can get your message across.