When Do-It-Yourself translations go wrong:

Why automatic translations spell disaster

Taken from a Danish Airline in Copenhagen Airport
“We take your bags and send them in all directions”

From a menu in a Norwegian restaurant
“Our wine list leaves you nothing to hope for”

Sign on a Norwegian boat tour
“Nobody is allowed to sit on both sides of the boat”

CV written by a Danish senior manager
“With 18 years experience in my behind….”

At Heathrow Airport, London
“No electric people carrying vehicles past this point”

Swedish company Electrolux couldn’t quite understand why their sales took a sudden downturn on the American market…their advertising slogan ran:
“Nothing sucks like an Electrolux!”

Business letter sent to customers when Swedish Götabank changed its name to Gota Bank
“We are still the same guys as before, although we have lost our pricks”

And my personal favourite from automated translations – taken from a Danish to English translation of a BBQ instruction manual that I was recently asked to proofread
“Pour on gas for BBQ to make. Put face above grill. Ignite.”

Still think you don’t need a specialist translator? 

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